September 02, 2009

First Graphs: Secrets to Die For by LJ Sellers

Welcome to LJ Sellers, author of the Detective Wade Jackson mystery series, which includes THE SEX CLUB and the soon-to-be-released SECRETS TO DIE FOR,(coming Sept. '09, Echelon Press).

A brutal murder, a suspect with a strange story, and a kidnap victim with a secret to hide—can Detective Jackson uncover the truth in time to save her?

When social worker Raina Hughes visits the home of a young boy she’s been assigned to monitor, things quickly turn ugly. Later, when she’s found brutally murdered, Detective Wade Jackson is confident it’s an open-and-shut case against the boy’s ex-con father.

But nothing is as it seems and complications develop when new evidence points to a serial rapist who’s becoming more violent with each attack. Raina’s lover Jamie knows what the rape victims have in common, but won’t tell for fear of revealing her own secrets.

When Jamie disappears, Jackson knows time is running out and he’s determined to discover the truth before the body count goes any higher.


Wednesday, February 13

Raina shut off the motor and glanced up at the puke-green
doublewide with a chunk of plywood over the front window.
The near dusk couldn't hide the broken dreams of the trailer's
occupants, Bruce and Cindy Gorman. Raina wasn't here to
see them. She was here for Josh, their eight-year-old son.

As a children’s support advocate, Raina had been assigned to monitor Josh six months ago, when the state of Oregon had taken temporary custody and placed the boy in foster care. Her primary responsibility was to stay in touch with Josh and to ensure the system did not fail him. During that time, the Gormans had danced all the right steps–anger management for him, parenting classes for her, and a rehab program for both. So now Josh was back in their care, and this was Raina’s last official contact…for now.

* Read the rest of Chapter 1, "Secrets to Die For."

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  1. Sounds like just the sort of book I would buy and read.

  2. What an intriguing story. Congratulations. A great cover too.
    Best of luck with your novel.



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