September 16, 2009

First Graphs: The Lighthouse Keeper by Luisa Buehler

Today's feature is perfect for fall, a mystery with a touch of spookiness.

THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER: A Beckoning Death is the fifth book in the popular Grace Marsden Mystery Series by Luisa Buehler (Echelon Press).

With a troubled marriage, and the haunting memories of ghosts, bones, and dead bodies, Grace Marsden needs solace. The invitation from her childhood friend presents Grace with an opportunity for respite on Christian Island.

An ancient Indian tragedy, island ghost sightings, and modern day treachery twist lives until more deaths and more danger make Grace unsure of whom she can trust.

When the spirit of the lighthouse keeper beckons, is it to warn her-- or harm her?


"It's behind that wall."

My brother's whisper brought Joan and me to his side. We'd climbed up to the lantern room in the old lighthouse over an hour ago, ostensibly to take notes and measurements.

"I don't hear anything."

"There can't be anything 'behind' these walls, Marty–they're made of three-foot-thick stone. 'Behind' is out there." Joan motioned toward the windows.

"There it is again. Hear it?"

I heard a faint scratching.

Joan shook her head. "I didn't hear it. If it's anything, it has to be coming from downstairs. Sound displaces in lighthouses…something about the cylindrical shape."

Marty started down the stairs. Joan shook her head and smiled. "It's probably an island rat," she whispered.

"Yuck. The brochure said nothing about rats, island or otherwise." I referred to my childhood friend's letter inviting me to Christian Island for a visit. "And while we're on that page, couldn't you and Dave have waited to sell at the end of the season? Who visits the island in January?"

* Echelon Press

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  1. Spooky indeed! A bit sad, too, considering the recent news of that poor girl from Yale being found dead and hidden in a wall...


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