September 18, 2009

Bo the White House Dog - Real or Miniature?

Miniaturist Alice Zinn has a way with animals. She creates incredible creatures that you almost expect to jump, bark, chirp or meow.

I'll be featuring her and her work in an upcoming post, but for now, I wanted to share her latest creation - a miniature version of Bo, the Obamas' Portuguese Water Dog. The miniature version (2.5" high) is made of polymer clay and synthetic hair. He's a limited edition of four and sells for $150.

The original miniature Bo was commissioned by the Zweifel family, who created the Miniature White House 40 years ago. The 55-foot long White House replica is updated with each new president and continues to be displayed around the country.

Almost hard to tell the real from the miniature, isn't it?! (White House photo - C. Kennedy)

Stay tuned for a special feature on Alice and her miniature dogs coming in October - and a special offer to readers of this blog!


  1. !!!!Congratulations!, is a very real wonder.
    I love it

  2. Alice Zinn does an awesome job. I've seen examples of some of her other dogs. I wish I had the cash needed so I could have her make a replica of my little Mikki dog (much missed).

  3. Wow! She did a really good job!

  4. she's amazing!i really can't tell the difference


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