July 23, 2009

Thursday is Yellow Miniatures

It's my favorite color, so for fun, I thought I'd share some dolls from other miniaturists that celebrate the color YELLOW!

All dolls are one-inch scale - 1" = 1 foot. (So an adult would be 5 1/2" to 6" tall; a baby is under 2" long.)

The girl in the yellow-print dress is by artist Gina Gagnon of Lone Wolf Miniatures.

Looks like she's ready to meet Tom Sawyer at the pond. Also by Gina Gagnon.

This absolutely delightful baby, Martine, is by artisan Patty Clark. Her babies are so real, you expect them to move!

This pretty lady was made by my friend Kitty in Holland. Check out her wonderful miniatures!

* Hope you enjoyed a different look at teh color Yellow! Do visit the sites of these wonderful miniaturists!


  1. Lovely dolls, all! Thanks for sharing.


  2. They're all so pretty in their yellow dresses!!! Cute Baby:)

  3. Reminds of Van Gogh's palate! I wonder why?

    Thanks, Chris.

    Camille/Margaret Grace


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