January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010! The Year 2009 in Review

A look back on some of the year's posts for 2009. I've listed some, but not all, of my favorites, Happy New Year!


* Writing Tip 10: Make a Timeline by LJ Sellers
- Put writing tip in search box to get more great tips from other authors.

* Writing Tip 17: Limit Sentences says Debbie Macomber

* 10 Easy Ways to Improve your Writing
- A few reminders every now and then can't hurt.

* Five Simple Ways to Finish Your Stories - Simple. Really.

* Interview, Barbara Techel, author, Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog
- Inspiration from the little dog who can - and does. Fun kid's book.

* First Graphs: Makeovers can be Murder by Kathryn Lilley
- A fun mystery for readers to sample. Put First Graphs in search box to see excerpts of other books.

* Book event in Galena, Ill.
- Had a great time in a great spot with great company. Can't you tell it was great? :>)

* Interview with 'Bollywood' author Shobhan Bantwal, The Sari Shop Widow
- A fun light romance with an Indian background

* Meet author and miniaturist Margaret Grace, Malice in Miniature
- Who can beat that? Miniatures and a mystery! She shares a how-to also on day 2.

* Story in New Timeshares anthology
- My turn: a little about my upcoming story in this time travel anthology from DAW Books. Put new story in search box for information on other stories I've done.

* First Graphs: My Dear Mrs. Jones
- Excerpt of my story in the new anthology, The Bitter End: Tales of Nautical Terror


* Kitty's Fashionable Miniatures
- What woman doesn't love shoes? And in miniature they're even cuter! (Put miniature or miniatures in search box to see work from other great miniaturists.)

* Kitty's Chocolate Shoppe
- Kitty does it again! Who can resist chocolate - and it's calorie free! An amazing yummy room!

* Miniature Rooms in Unusual Containers
- Miniaturist Fern Rouleau has a knack for making the most interesting scenes. Chicken, anyone?

* Patty Clark's miniature babies
- Cutest little babies (and toddlers) ever; a Mother's Day interview

* 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature, Day 1
- Check out the great spooky miniatures. Boo!

* 12 Days of Christmas in Miniature: Twas the Night Before Christmas
- Enjoy 12 days of great Christmas miniatures from various miniaturists

* Thanks for visiting and see you in 2010!

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A Happy 2010 and an Unforgettable Decade!!!

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