January 13, 2010

First Graphs: Children's Paranormal Mystery, Ghost for Rent by Penny Lockwood

In this week's First Graphs, we welcome Penny Lockwood, author of the Middle Grade novel, GHOST FOR RENT. (Hard Shell Word Factory.)

After her parents' divorce, 11-year old Wendy Wiles leaves her city home for a cheaper home in the country in rural Oregon. She soon learns that her quaint country home is haunted.

Wendy, her brother, Mike, and her new friend, Jennifer, soon discover the truth behind the haunting, uncovering an accidental death, a suicide, and murder.

Excerpt from Ghost for Rent:


With the rain pelting her, Wendy ran from her bus stop to her apartment building. She couldn't wait to get home. Maybe she'd call Darcy and see if she could come swim in the indoor pool.Or, maybe, she'd just go to the exercise room and work out before dinner. She couldn't make up her mind. Her twelve year old brother, Mike, liked to go straight to the arcade room, so she and Darcy would stay away from there.

Karl, the door man, greeted her as she skidded to a stop under the rain awning. “Good afternoon, Ms. Wiles.” He opened the door for her with a theatrical flourish.

“Good afternoon, Karl.” Wendy smiled, careful not to show her braces. She always felt grown-up and elegant when Karl open the door for her.

After entering the foyer, she groaned. Mike, dressed in his usual black jeans and tee-shirt, leaned against the elevator button, banging his head to the awful heavy metal music he enjoyed so much. She heard his Walkman even though he listened through earphones. Life would be almost perfect if it weren't for him, she thought.


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Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz said...

Hi Chris, thank you for the support and for posting the first paragraphs of my middle grade paranormal mystery, Ghost for Rent.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

This is a wonderful story that should appeal to young readers. (And to older readers, like me.) :)

I love ghost stories, and Penny's is one of the best.