January 04, 2010

2010 Resolutions vs Goals

With 2010 underway, many people have already broken the New Year's resolutions they made. That's why it's better to make goals.

Goals are something to work towards and things you know can be achieved. Resolutions are often vague notions that sound like a good idea but don't usually get followed up on.

Making a list of goals is motivating and helps you to stay focused. Often when there are too many things you need to do, it's easy to get overwhelmed. By working on one goal at a time, you stay focused and once you check off that goal, you can look at your list later in the year and see what you accomplished.

So feel free to make a list here or publish it at your blog so we can all check in later and see what was completed. Here's to a successful 2010!

My Goals for 2010
1. Find an agent for the just-completed mystery set in a diner.
2. Find an agent and/or publisher for a fun kid's picture book with monsters.
3. Finish short stories in the works and find markets for completed stories.
4. Find more paying nonfiction.
5. Usual ongoing diet and exercise stuff.
6. Complete miniatures projects that are half-done.

* Later, I'll be sharing more posts on the writing process and the agent search process.

** What are your goals and projects for 2010?

1 comment:

Sans! said...

You are so right about resolutions. For me, I pick a new skill to learn every new year. This year, I hope to learn how to ride a Vespa :)! And yes, the usual diet and exercise stuff :). I hope you achieve yours, Christine