September 01, 2009

Welcome to Echelon Shorts!

Today is the official launch day for the new Echelon Press Shorts .

What's a Short you ask? Other than me?


* Check out NEW releases on the first AND the fifteenth. Find some great new authors with exciting stories that you're sure to enjoy reading!

* Meet new authors via new blog posts Monday through Friday. Get news on the authors, their latest ventures, and their characters.

* This week, there'll be new releases and posts from the authors of those stories including Regan Black, Marc Vun Kannon, Mary Welk, and Michelle Sonnier. And to celebrate, they are giving away *free* ebook downloads.

Stop by, check it out and comment at: Echelon Shorts


  1. I'm still waiting to hear what a short is! I don't do much with ebooks, but I'm willing to learn more about them and possibly purchase a few.

  2. Hi Katie, a short is simply a short story - or anything shorter than a full book!

  3. I do wish I had an eReader. I guess I'm going to be forced to figure out how to download books and stories to my iPhone. As soon as I figure out the iPhone, that is.

    Straight From Hel


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