September 22, 2009

If You Were a Character, Who Would You Be?

When writing a book or even a short story, you often find that your character takes on a life of their own. You can picture them; you can hear their voice; you see them. They become real.

I noticed a question on an email list that sounded intriguing and goes with the above notion. If you could be a character for a day, who would you be - and why?

I keep thinking it would be fun to be Alice in Wonderland. Being short already, you wouldn't think I'd want to shrink even smaller. But being a dollhouse and miniatures collector, I often see or create a room or house that I almost wish I could live in.

I know with the intriguing new Johnny Depp/Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie coming out next year, I've thought how neat it would be to make one of those scenes in miniature. That garden with the giant flowers, or that amazing scene with everyone at the dinner table. I know I won't be the only one thinking that, either. (Wow, check out the interior of the castle in the trailer!)

* So, who do you see yourself as? What character would you want to be for a day and why?

* Watch the movie trailer.


  1. Odd you mention Jophnny Depp ... when I had my first childrens' book accepted and published, my 14-y-o (then) daughter said he was the ONLY person who could play my Pirate Captain character, Johnny Dupl'eau.

    In one of my other works (still looking for a friendly publisher) there's a historical character, with a reputation as the best harp music composer ever to come out of Ireland. His name was Turlough O'Carolan, and he was blinded by bubonic plague before he TAUGHT HIMSELF to play the harp. I admire his tenacity, and would LOVE to be him!

  2. Paul, interesting comment. I'll have to look up that Irish composer. Surviving the plague is a feat in itself, along with what he accomplished!

  3. Turlough O'Carolan is an amazing composer.

    Chris, you come up with intriguing questions! If I could be a character I'd have to cross gender lines (or not, if we're revisionist!) and hang out with Robin Hood and his mates. I've always been fascinated with sword fighting (hmmm, wouldn't mind being a Musketeer, either) and archery!


  4. I'd be Snake Plissken from "Escape from New York". He has always been my favorite movie character.


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