July 21, 2009

Food in Miniature

I think one of the best - and most fascinating - things about miniatures is the food. What artisans can do with clay and simple tools can leave you speechless. I only wish I were that good.

As I posted on creative foods today at Teen Seen, (check out another food video there), I thought I'd share a few of my favorite miniature food places and artisans.

Warning: Look no further on an empty stomach!!!

* Among my favorites: the incredible food of artisan Betsy Niederer; check out her You Tube video below:

* Other amazing miniature food:

* Rachel makes the most amazing cakes (and the coolest food earrings!)- Miniatures by Rachel

* Joana at Petite Framboise has creamy rich ice cream and yummy cakes

* Stephanie at Petit Plat has some wonderful desserts (and scroll down to the fun ice cream earrings!) Who says you can't play with your food? ha!

* Kiva Atkinson makes some unique food - check out her fish pie!

* Like Tudor and more? Janet Uyetake's food is amazing! I finally saw her food at a past show and it's so real (items even have realistic insides when needed).

* The Mini Food Blog features a wide range of amazing artisans and miniature food.

* Hungry yet???

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  1. I know! I so admire the work of the 'foodies'! On CDHM, there is a section just for their creations in the forums and I so enjoy looking and drooling over their creations.



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