December 06, 2008

12 Days of Christmas in Miniature, Day 6 - Christmas Sweets + Blog Award

To me, one of the most fun aspects of collecting miniatures is the amazing food.

*** (go to Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas in Miniature. Next: Day 7)

It's truly an art form to be able to duplicate real life food and make it look just as real - and appetizing - in small scale.

There are a number of artists who have the gift of making the greatest food that'll make you drool. The best part? No calories!

(Pictured: Vanilla Cake, Betsy Niederer (kachookie))

For the Sixth Day of Christmas, someone gave to me...

** Some appetizing cakes and cookies.

* IGMA (International Guild of Miniature Artisans) Fellow Betsy Niederer has to be the queen of miniature food. Too bad her recent appearance on Martha Stewart was so short. The audience truly didn't get the full "flavor" of Betsy's amazing food. See more of her work here. Try your hand at making a miniature cake with her tutorial.

(Pictured: Kiva Atkinson pie and mice)

* IGMA Artisan Kiva Atkinson also makes a wide range of food from bread, to cakes, meats, Tudor food, fish and more.

Her meats are juicy and real, her fruits amazing, but her sense of humor, her animals and her haunted things will also tickle your funny bone! (The realism of her different fish and seafood has to be seen to be believed!)

(Pictured: Rachel's Christmas cake)

* What makes the cakes and desserts made by Rachel of Miniatures by Rachel so unique is their delicate coloring, beautiful designs and patterns.

What's interesting is that unlike other artists who usually use polymer clays, Rachel uses air dry clays and cold porcelain. The sheer beauty of her work is enough to keep you mesmerized for hours.

** Did I make you hungry? Be sure to come back tomorrow for more amazing Christmas miniatures!

Blog Award!

On another note, Thanks to my friend Katie of Katie's Clay Corner for giving me this Blog Award for Outstanding Work!

Funny how the web has connected us all. The award began in Portugal and sped to the UK to Debbie's Tiny Treasures and is whizzing its way around the world!

Thanks to both of you! How it works is the recipient is supposed to pass the award on to 6 other people. So my six picks are:

* Dani of Blog Book Tours for all she does!

* Smehreen at The Mini Food blog for coming up with such a cool idea!

* Gayle at Fatal Foodies for the fun blog idea

* Kitty at Minis by Kitty for her great work and friendship

* Helen at Straight from Hel for her informative posts.

* Morgan Mandel for all she does for the writing community, too.

Those are my six picks. Not easy to choose only six!


  1. Thank you sooo much, Christine. I am honored! And excited.

    Incidentally, those two cakes look very real. I am constantly amazed by the miniatures.

  2. Hi Christine,
    Thanks for naming me for the Blog Award. It's my first one!

    Also, congratulations on being an Eppie Finalist! I want you and your cute doggie to go out and win it all!

    Morgan Mandel

  3. Hi Christine,
    The blog award was given to me from someone in Portugal. I don't live in Portugal, but live in South West Wales in the UK..
    Mini Hugs


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