December 07, 2008

12 Days of Christmas in Miniature, Day 7

Ok, I'm going a little off-subject today...

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On the Seventh Day of Christmas, someone gave to me....

Cake - Lots of Cake!

I have cake on my mind! Maybe these aren't all Christmasy, but I thought they were fun. I was trolling around Etsy to see what kinds of miniature Birthday Cakes I could find to celebrate my birthday today. (No, I'm not telling you how old, ha!)

I must like her work. This pretty Poinsettia Cake is again from Blue Kitty Miniatures.

I never knew that miniature food was so wearable! Forget the high-fashion designers! Think of the fashion statement you can make with miniatures!

First, Lorettared offers some amusing cake jewelry - earrings and rings.

I like this pretty Marie Antoinette layered cake.

Or how about her pretty traditional Birthday Cake that you can wear as a necklace? (How fun!)

This is cute, even if you can't wear it. I like this stacked cake from PalmTree Princess on Etsy.

I'm surprised at how many artists make cake rings. Who needs diamonds?

How about a Cherry Cake from Coffi Shop for that ring finger?

Or you can match your favorite dress with this cute Mini Kiwi Cake ring from PeekaPoo.

Always Amy offers this Celebration Cake ring.

Mmm, I'm full. Would you like another slice?

Come back tomorrow and see what other Christmas miniatures I find!


  1. "Happy Birthday" hope you have a great day.. Mini Hugs

  2. Wonderful sweet day! That birthday cake necklace was fantastic. (Made my mouth water as I have a very sweet tooth.) I hope you have a very Happy Birthday and all sweet things come your way. Doreen

  3. Happy Birthday to You!!
    Happy Birthday to You!!
    Happy Birthday Dear Chris
    Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!!

    I love all the cakes....makes me want to drag out the clay and create another master piece!!

    I hope you've had a great day!! Treat yourself to something special!!! ;)

  4. Hi Christine,
    I passed the blog award around this evening and mentioned you in my blog at

    Happy Birthday!

    Morgan Mandel

  5. What a lovely birthdays cakes you've collected.
    Hope you had a great day and lots of fun.


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