December 05, 2008

12 Days of Christmas in Miniature, Day 5 - Christmas Food

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On the Fifth Day of Christmas, someone gave to me...

An appetizing spread of good things to eat. After all, it wouldn't be Christmas, would it?, without all kinds of desserts, and cookies, and a meal with the family.

So, pull up a chair and share a pre-Christmas meal with us here. A toast to the New Year! Pass the potatoes, please.

(Pictured: Christmas Dinner in the Making by Sarah Maloney in her Etsy Shop.)

Now that we've had our fill at dinner - it was good, wasn't it? - how about some dessert?

There's sure to be something to please everyone's sweet tooth on this year's menu.

How about a cake that is a gift in itself? (Pictured: Christmas Gift
cake (and other cute cakes)from Blue Kitty Miniatures.)

Or maybe Gingerbread is more to your liking? It appears that even a tiny visitor is enjoying this cake set on a 3" x 3" base. (Pictured: Gingerbread Mouse House from JT Nee.)

Of course, if you're too stuffed, then there's always room for Jello(TM). This delicious jelly dessert from She Counts Crows is part of an interesting concept - a Mini of the Month Club for $100. Something to look forward to each month.

In our family, homemade pumpkin pie is always a favorite. And this time, you don't have to feel embarrassed about wearing your food with these fun pumpkin pie earrings. This and other faux food jewelry is from The Clay Connection, also at Etsy.

And if that isn't enough, how about that perennial favorite - fruit cake? Well the joke about it lasting longer than Twinkies takes on a new twist.

Now you can keep that fruitcake forever as a piece of jewelry. This fruit cake charm at Etsy is just over 1/2" tall.

Dinner may be over, but wait! Before you go to bed, don't forget to leave something for Santa!

He's sure to enjoy this yummy looking cup of hot chocolate and these delightful cookies from Lilliput Miniatures.

Hmm, on second thought, maybe there's something else we can leave for Santa, huh?

Stop back tomorrow for some other fun Christmas miniatures!


  1. Another Great Day of Miniature Goodies..

  2. That fruitcake charm meets all the requirements for a good fruitcake:

    Very Small
    Lasts Forever

  3. many great ideas!! I love the little jello mold and the pumpkin pie earrings. My Mom buys an extra pie and a can of whip cream just for me on the holidays!!! I love all the little christmas cookies....makes me want to drag out the clay and go to town! Thanks for all the great eye-candy! HEY! I got an award for you on my page......come check it out!! TTYL :)


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