December 04, 2008

12 Days of Christmas in Miniature, Day 4 - Here Comes Santa Claus!

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On the fourth day of Christmas, someone gave to me...

An adorable Santa Cookie Bouquet, just under 1.5" tall, from PJ Jammers Shop on Etsy. Actually, that's simply too cute to even consider eating it!

Thanks to cartoonist Thomas Nast, the modern Santa is usually depicted as a fat, jolly old guy dressed in red.

But Santa still takes on different guises, depending on where Christmas is being celebrated around the world.

Here are a few interesting Santas I found online:

Oops! It appears that Angelique Miniatures caught Santa snoozing after a long night of deliveries. Or was it too many Christmas cookies?

Doll maker Lucie Winsky had the inside scoop that the Jolly Old Elf was tired of plain 'ol red, so he became a "Calypso" Santa for the season.

Of course, no matter where Santa is, it's not Christmas without a parade. Check out this amazing slide show of a Santa Parade, complete with miniature floats!

Merry Christmas!

** Come back tomorrow for an amazing Christmas meal - in miniature.


  1. I'm really enjoying this 12 Days of Christmas in Miniature..

  2. This 12 days of Christmas ia a gift in more ways than one. I really enjoy seeing what will be next but that Santa' Parade brought back many memories. I saw that parade in the Cullen Gardens Miniature Village. It was a fantastic animated site and a great loss when it closed. It was a huge tourist attraction for many years.

  3. LOVE the cookies!! How cute are those!! I'm really enjoying you 12 days of Christmas!!! :)


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