November 04, 2019

#Paris #Miniature Project 23 Update - Really!

Yes... now that Halloween is over (oh the Halloween mini making is far from over Chris says!), it's time for a new Paris Miniature Project Update! (You can see the beginning by clicking the photo in the left column.)

I know, nothing has been posted since the Curtains post in August but... back to school, her classes, work, and all that has Gigi really busy!

But.... she has been working on things. See top photo... (Chris says, trust me, I nag her and can see it in person. ha!)

So...  here are a few photos. 

The insides of the rooms are papered and the curtains are up. She finished her flowers on the balconies and will be attaching those. (And they look nice!) The rooms are being assembled and trim is being put up on the outside. She now is starting the outer stucco work. Like everyone else, we're saving the outside views for later.

For now, how about some shopping?

Here are some items in the cabinet on the first floor shop.  Remember the mask theme mentioned in the first post? You might spot a few in here... (Click photos for full view.)

 Souvenirs, anyone?

I had to add this photo - look at the key board and more masks. That looks great!

I know, it's only a sneak peek, but the reveal will be coming soon. 
Until then, Happy Creating!