April 01, 2016

A Mini A Day 2016 - #AtoZ Blog Challenge Begins!

Today is Day 1 - the Letter A - for the 7th annual A to Z Blog Challenge in April! 

The idea is to blog daily (except Sunday) from A to Z.  So expect lots of minis, maybe a few guests, maybe even a giveaway or two - you never know! Now I may repeat a pic here and there that I've shown before but there'll be a lot of new visitors this month, so bear with me! 

Check out the 1000+ blogs on the list!  If you like books, etc., I'm also doing the same on my GirlZombieAuthors blog. I may even share a spooky mini or two there!

I'm going to share various minis for the month like....

A is for.... Assorted Minis

Don't be put off by today's plain, boring photos. It'll all make sense soon and yes, I'll include the "real " miniature projects. 

For now, I figured, why not? Decided I'd show a bit - just a bit - of the stash I have. And I know I'm not alone....

If you don't know what this is... it's a bit of the things that us collectors save or have on hand to use in that next project.

These containers hold some of the mini gifts I got this past Christmas from my two collecting friends, Gigi and Kitty. I'll show some of the items along the way.

This basket has items I'll be using in other projects. That pink item is a neat woven paper basket made by Alice Zinn that I won a while ago. It'll probably go in one of the Ladies Shoppe projects. 

And this? Well, let's call it chairs in waiting... I seem to have collected quite a few different chairs and tables... they always come in handy. The room is my Teddy Bear room I made a while ago...

Be sure to come on back for the rest of the daily mini tour!