July 20, 2011

Writing: Too Much Nodding and other People Problems

Thinking I was "done," (really?) I let my wip (work in progress) sit a couple days, though deep down, I knew there was a problem I needed to look at. Nodding. As in She nodded, I nodded, Nodding, he, etc.

My characters nod. A lot. Nodding seems to be my oft-used, abused, and overused word. Going through the manuscript, I'm changing, fixing, deleting all those nods. After a while, though, the brain gets numb in thinking up new things to say.

So, share: what's your over-used or "fave" word or phrase? What do you put in exchange? And I'd love any suggestions for fixing mine (other than cutting off the characters' heads. Problem solved. haa!)


  1. I don't remember any of my people nodding, but they smile at lot -- too much, actually. Not big smiles, but little half smiles. I have to be careful with that. Maybe I could just let some of them nod, knowingly.

    John Chabpt

  2. Ha-ha, well my people smile too, but they nod much more.

  3. Perhaps someone could lift an eyebrow, wink, give a thumbs up, give a pat on the back, salute, tip a hat, give a high five, or just say "yes".

    Unless, of course, we're talking nap.

  4. Excellent suggestions Liz, I think after awhile you get brain dead or "overthink" it. I changed a lot of them, and left a few. Easiest was to get rid of them. ha!

  5. I'm not sure what my overused word is. But now I'm going to read something to find out. Haha.


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