July 26, 2011

Two Sentence Tuesday: Mystery to Romance....

Thought I'd join in on Two Sentence Tuesday at Women of Mystery.

Just finished reading a fascinating romance-crime story, The Dowry Bride by Shobhan Bantwal. (Great author of India-based tales. Come back on Aug. 24th for my interview with her regarding her latest book, The Full Moon Bride.)

In The Dowry Bride, a young bride overhears an extraordinary conversation, voices speaking of a plot to murder a wife who hasn't produced a child and whose family failed to produce the promised dowry... her.

Two sentences from The Dowry Bride (page 99): With a shudder Megha came awake from the sinister darkness of the foggy backyard to the brightness of the room, blinking-the scream still inside her throat. Her heart was beating so frantically it seemed ready to jump out of her breast.

My two sentences from the diner mystery I am reworking (pg. 99):
The giant picture window had a big hole in the center like someone had shot it out, except a gun didn’t do this. She eyed the palm-sized piece of red brick on the floor, thankful it hadn't hit any of them.

** Share your two sentences you read and you wrote. What are you working on?