July 08, 2011

Writing, writing,...What about you?

Nope haven't disappeared. Busy writing. 2,500 words to go to reach my 60,000 word goal on my YA girl zombie. Fixing some things, adding, re-editing the synopsis again. All that fun stuff. Nose to the grindstone. :>)

So if you stop by, please share what you are working on so I don't feel so lonely. ha!


  1. Working on Campnanowrimo so I'm a little over 10k of 50k for July. Trying my hand at something a little different so we'll see how that goes.
    Congrats on getting so far on your YA.

  2. I should be working on my miniatures...have three big orders which need to be completed by the end of the month but son and his girlfriend are spending vacation with us....and I seem to need this time to refresh myself. Going through difficult times with Mom who wants to escape rehab and go home. ~sigh~
    I really need to be more disciplined! How do you do it?!

  3. There you are! So that's what might happen if I did less blogging and more writing, huh? I might actually get my novel done too? Glad yours is coming along so good. YAY! I gotta check out that nanowrimo. That camp sounds fun. And maybe it'd kick my butt into gear and get me back on track. Still off of it I'm afraid...

  4. Working on Book II of my Fire Through Time trilogy. It's called Fire's Children. Well over half done and plugging away. I'd like to have it out before Christmas.


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