April 11, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge: I'm a collector! Miniatures Monday

Since I'm a collector, I'll share the latest step in finishing a half scale Tudor-style house. the house is 12" tall at the front peak and 10" wide. I'm decorating the bottom floor as a garden shop and the top floor is a bakery/cafe/bookstore. Not much but it made a big difference - just finished trimming the window, putting frame around it, and putting trim around the walls by the floor. Also thought I'd share the new cabinets I got at the dollhouse show. I split the cabinets on right side from a tall bookcase. Fits perfect! I had made a counter but this one is smaller and does fit better. Hopefully will have more progress soon! Just sharing the outside to show those who haven't seen it. I still have to glue in bottom window and door, and add door trim.

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