April 20, 2011

Q-R: A Royal Wedding, A to Z Blog Challenge

Yes, I admit to being a royal watcher. I loved watching Princess Diana and was saddened at her tragic death. I've been to England a couple times and love the atmosphere and history, so of course, I've loved watching Prince William grow up and now find his Princess.

It does seem that he and Kate have had enough time for her to grow into her prospective role, and you hope that she is getting some say in all the planning and her future life. She's stepping into a formidable role, albeit a gilded one which still comes with many restrictions. You can only hope they have a long and happy marriage.

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  1. I'm a fan of the British. Yes, I'm watching the Royal Wedding...should be marvelous! I'm looking forward to seeing Her Majesty Queen Elizabth.


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