October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween Story + Virtual Book Tour

Today is full of Halloween Treats!

** First, how fun! Sam and Lita from Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery, do the talking and reveal some of their spooky moments at Emma Larkin's blog.

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Boo! Spooky Story!

What's Halloween without scary stories?

Amy at My Friend Amy's Blog is having a Halloween bash. Vampires, witches, and goblins, oh my. Everyone's sharing a scary Vampire story. So check out my story here and head over to Amy's link HERE to read the others!

The Promise - C. A. Verstraete

Deidre looked in the mirror again and sighed.

He'd promised.

She combed out her long, dishwater blond hair and waited. The curtains flapped through the open window.

Maybe he was like all the rest. But no, he promised he'd be here. He promised to come to her. Tonight.

The clock ticked closer to midnight.

Carefully, she slipped out of the worn jeans and baggy T-shirt. The silky gown slid over her, clinging to her generous curves.

She put a final slick of gloss on her lips and pinned up her hair.

She was ready.

Deidre looked in the mirror and smiled, pleased at the results. Instead of the plain Jane that sat alone every weekend, a young lady dressed in finery stared back. A princess awaiting her prince.

A smile lit her face as, like before, he appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. She didn't question why. It didn't matter once he was here.

Deidre felt his eyes burn into hers. She reached for him.

He whispered in her ear. He promised again to love and cherish her, to make her his bride.

She shivered as his cool fingers caressed her. His cool lips touched her face and lingered on her neck.

Anticipation turned to agony as his fangs plunged into her jugular. A tear trickled down Deidre's cheek as her dreams of the perfect wedding night faded with each weakening beat of her heart.#

(c) 2008 C Verstraete http://candidcanine.blogspot.com


  1. Ooh, I like it! Short, scary, exciting!

    I have a spooky story too - unless you already read it at Vanessa's party?? If so, I can also show you a photo of a real ghost.

    ♥ visit me at www.afiori.com

  2. Nice, Christine - veeeerry nice! You had me going, I could've read a lot longer but you got the scary tesnion thing done in a minute.

    Good job.

  3. Neat idea!! I did more of a general post... yours is very literary! Very cool.

  4. Short and punchy. I love it. I also love stories with dogs!

  5. Ooh, that is very effective and scary!


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