October 30, 2008

Halloween Searching For A Starry Night Virtual Tour

Today I'm being interviewed by Helen Ginger at Straight from Hel. Be sure to leave a comment here and at Helen's blog.

Don't forget to go pumpkin picking at my website and enter the contest. See rules at top right column.

Halloween Treat

Today's Halloween treat is a fun little quarter scale (1/4" = 1') roombox by Emily Blair. Emily, a full-time college student, has been doing miniatures for 10 years, beginning when she joined a miniatures club at 11! (Kudos to those getting the kids interested!)

Her room, which she says she's still working on, started with one purchase (don't they always?) and grew from there. She bought many of the items at the NAME national convention.

(Note: If you're not familiar with quarter scale, furnishings can be as small as a thumbnail; a room can be a few inches wide.)
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