October 29, 2008

Halloween Searching For A Starry Night + Witch Tree Tour Day 2

The Halloween Book Blog Tour for Searching For A Starry Night & The Witch Tree continues.

**See the Bonus Halloween Treat below!**

Today it's a triple header - I'm interviewed by:

* Courtney Mroch at Families.com

* Get a preview with Helen Ginger at Straight from Hel

* And I talk with Mayra Calvari at The Dark Phantom

* Don't forget to go pumpkin picking and enter the contest! See link for rules at top right column. Visit the blogs for the Scavenger Hunt clues!

Halloween Treat

For fun, I'm sharing this amazing miniature ghost hand-sculpted by doll artisan Nancy Cronin whose witches I featured in a previous post.

Nancy is also featured in a story I wrote in the Dec. issue (#174) of DollsHouse and Miniature Scene, now on sale.


  1. The link to Dark Phantom took me to the wrong post, but I did find the interview and enjoyed reading it. The link to Families resulted in a page not found error. The link to Helen's blog was right, and I read the preview and look forward to your visit there tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, Lillie for coming by. Your'e quicker than me. ha! I just fixed all the links. See you tomorrow too!

  3. Great tour so far, Chris! Love the scavenger hunt. It's addictive! And sneaky! Can't wait to host you on Community Fridays.

  4. Look forward to visiting you Emma. I had fun letting Sam and Lita speak for themselves. ha!

  5. That's a cute ghost miniature thingie.

    Morgan Mandel

  6. Now Morgan, the real "Thing" (remember that?) would be offended about you naming this doll/figure that.:>) ha!


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