April 05, 2016

#AtoZ 2016 - D is for Dollhouse Books

Today is Day 4- the Letter D - for the 7th annual A to Z Blog Challenge in April! 

Check out the 1000+ blogs on the list!  If you like books, etc., I'm also doing the same on my GirlZombieAuthors blog. I may even share a spooky mini or two there!

If you're a new visitor, I wanted to share a little about me. I'm a writer, journalist and collector. You can see more of my miniatures on the blog here or go to my website.

I'm also the author of a In Miniature Style II, (print-ebook-pdf) with expanded how to's, photos and profiles on other collectors.  Book 1 is also on Kindle. (Similar content except for a few different projects.)

I also wrote a kid's mystery, Searching for a Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery, with two kids and their nosy Dachshund, searching for a lost miniature painting (Van Gogh's Starry Night.)

Oh, and check out this previous post to see the actual mini oil painting of Starry Night by Lucie Winsky!

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