October 30, 2012

2012 Halloween in Miniature - Day 6, Hat's Off!

Welcome to Day 6 of the 2012 Halloween in Miniature party!
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Step right up. The shop is ready... haunted? Well, no. The ghosts have been busy in other parts of the party, of course! (House by Tracy Topps (Minis on the Edge)

Today seems like a good day to stop by and see what new hats Kat the Hat Lady has available. After all, who doesn't enjoy sprucing up their wardrobe a bit, right?

Kat the Hat Lady can transform almost any fabric or material into fashionable chapeaux - be it real life or in miniature. She is actually a trained milliner and has made some of those crazy hats for the fashionable ladies going to the Royal Ascot horse races - see a story I wrote on her for a previous Halloween event.

Be it pretty, spooky or practical, Kat has probably made a suitable hat. And her brooms.... to fly for! haaa!

This is excellent news to Millicent who insists on only flying with the best! 
(Witches by Joyce McBride).

And you can't blame her for being extra careful, especially after what happened to.... Well, you know. The witches just dread mentioning her name... such a dreadful accident it was...

After that, they all have insisted on having their brooms inspected and  certified before every flight! haa!

As a miniature doll maker, Joyce McBride says she's "always been fascinated by the notion of goblins and trolls and other lesser known beings of folklore. Halloween is the perfect time to explore their stories and have some fun with it."

Joyce comes from a doll making tradition, having learned from her mother as a child. To her, the fun part is making them come alive. "Nearly all my dolls have a story. Most of the time the inspiration for a doll is the story which comes first."

"My favorite here is probably Aunt Elizbet (Pic #8). Her story: "For years she dragged Uncle Bob to all the social gatherings. He never had much to say..." (The real Elizbet was my brother-in-law's aunt who never missed a family get together or community event. She insisted her poor husband go along, even after his health began to fail.)

Joyce says, "most of the dolls pictured are 12th scale miniatures. I've included a few ghosts and other beings that go bump in the night. It wouldn't be Halloween with out them!"

(At least one thing about ghosts... they don't need to eat. haa! More for us!)

ooh.... speaking of food,, did you see Kiva Atkinson's fortune cookies? C'mon open one... what's your fortune? Hope it's a good one!

Hey, only one per person. Sorry, only the first fortune counts! Be sure to come back for the final party tomorrow!  Next: Day 7

(Christine Verstraete - http://candidcanine.blogspot.com)


Short stories of animals and oddities. A man's best friend believes he's called the devil's own dog. A little girl is terrorized, with only two little mice to help her. A vampire is sent to clean up a crooked horse race. A gay cat puts his paws on the line to save a friend from aliens. Ten stories included, some never before published.

Lonnie, Me and the Hound of Hell - Balance of Power
Mr. Farrell - The Damned Place Was Full Of Crocodiles
Dog Star -A Devouring Passion
Seeking Shadow -High Stakes
Sledgehammer - Mr. Sugar vs the Martians

History and haunting seems to go hand-in-hand and Corydon,as the first state capital of Indiana, has a heaping helping of both. Ghosts: On the Square . . . and Elsewhere . . . . is a collection of ghostly tales inspired by locations around the historic town square and other locations throughout Harrison County. Ghosts and history....how can you beat that?

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