October 26, 2011

Day 7: Halloween in Miniature 2011 : Which Witch is Which?

Welcome to Day 7 of the 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature!
(Don't forget, be sure to check in and get your ID stamped on Day 1.)

The party's in full swing and we've had a few more special guests stop by. Grab a drink, a Bloody Mary, naturally, and say hello.

Or perhaps you'd prefer something, ah, stronger? "Thing" also mixes an excellent martini... Oh, you didn't know? Why he's the best bartender around. Gracious of Morticia to let him work a few parties during the holidays! (Drinks by Kiva Atkinson, Kiva's Miniatures.)

Well, look who's here! Matilda's sister just flew in, (likely she heard about the commotion with the Frankensteins and wanted to keep her sister in check. Witch, and gossiping witch and ghost by Nancy Cronin.)

Uh, oh, looks like word's getting around... Did Matilda...? No, you don't say!

Please, please, just ignore the gossip. It will only mean trouble. And speaking of trouble, here comes the Black Witch... I sure hope she's not in a bad mood. (Not likely by the look on her face. (Witch by Nancy Cronin.) We better cut today's festivities short. Be sure to come back to the party tomorrow...

** NEXT: Day 8 - BACK: Day 1.


This post ends on a sad note I'm including this witch in tribute to a very special lady. Noted dollmaker Marcia Backstrom, recently lost her battle with cancer. She was a charming lady and such a talented artisan. A true legend in the miniatures industry. She'll be missed. (See obituary. The online guestbook is open for posts until 11/19.)


  1. Oh boy!! The gossiping witch and ghost are so fab!!

    And Black Witch... Oh my.. I would be afraid of her if she would come agross with me somewhere.. Wouldn't like to mess with her..
    * * *
    What a sad day for miniature world to lose great artist like her.. :0(

    MiniHugs, Irina

  2. The witches are all fabulous! The martinis and Bloody Marys are wonderful too.

    A lovely tribute for another great artist lost.

  3. What a fun collection of things! :D

  4. Hello, would you ever consider selling one of your Marcia Backstrom witches? I absolutely love her dolls and it is so sad that she parted so early in her life. I would love to swap pictures with you of my witches and dolls which range from Jodi Creager, Gudrun Kolenda and Philip Beglan. I would love you to stop by at my facebook page www.facebook.com/cottagewitchminiatures
    Great blog and hope to hear from you :o)

    1. I don't own any of the witches pictured. They're from the creators. I wish I did! Marcia had great witches and other dolls. I only have an unfinished kit I was lucky to get one year that I can't wait to form into a witch of my own someday!


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