October 25, 2011

Day 6: Halloween in Miniature 2011 : More Spooky Places & Pumpkins

Welcome to Day 6 of the 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature.

(** If you haven't, be sure to check in at Day 1.) (NOTE: Today also is the Internet Bookfair Blogfest, see info and check an excerpt of my spooky eBook at the end of this post. )

Let's get back to the party, shall we? We'll take the long way around...

Oh, careful! Mrs. Bones has been trying sooo hard to lure guests to her party in the graveyard (above). But I wouldn't do it - you know how cemeteries are.... guests check in, but they never check out! haaa!) Cemetery scene by Janet Whittig - see her Facebook page.

Here, I see a shortcut. Let's take this path and....

Ahhh! LOOK OUT! Oh, I didn't see the sign to THE HAUNTED FOREST! (Crazy tree and haunted tree by Jacqui, Ceynix Miniature Trees and Trains. )

Run-run! Oh there's another one--is-is it reaching out?

Hurry! Let's slip in the back door. We'll go to the kitchen first and get some goodies. Still thinking about pumpkins....

Mmm, Pamela of Pamela J Minis has a fantastic assortment of fresh pumpkins... So which one to pick?

Wait. Oh, I see it. There's one in the back...

Arrgh! Who would've expected the pumpkins to be so, well, aggressive? (Attacking pumpkin by Patty Benedict, Woopitydooart.)

Oh, and those pumpkins? Well... I'd be careful. The last person who tried to pick those left a few things behind (haaa!) - (Rest of the pumpkin scene from Pamela J Minis.)

Well, we don't seem to be having much luck with fresh pumpkins are we?

Oh, and you asked about the pumpkin pies again? Well, uh, there's a reason production's been kind of slow... Here's why: (Okay, kind of sick but hey, it's Halloween! Sorry I couldn't resist I saw this somewhere and it cracked me up. And if you did the photo, please share and I'll credit you, unless you'd rather not admit it. haa!)

Okay, next stop, let's mingle and meet more of the guests, so come back tomorrow...
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** ** Check out the Internet Bookfair Blogfest My entry:

Spooky reading, perfect for Halloween! A light horror short with a dash of humor....The Killer Valentine Ball by C.A. Verstraete:

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The music played quietly in the background. When the shadows brightened, Jess caught a quick glimpse of one of the couples. The young man's mouth gaped open. His partner's gown glistened with streams of dark ribbons. The light flashed again and Jess gasped. Those weren't ribbons! The girl's dress shone with dark glimmers. Like-like blood, she thought. No, it can't be! She looked back at Dylan, who shook his head and urged her on.
"Light tricks," he whispered. "It's not real. It's Halloween stuff, like the movie. Don't worry."


  1. Oh my... That Attacking pumpkin is so fab!! ^_^

    Well.. EVERYTHING is (sa always) so amazing and fun..

    Thansk again for showing these to us :0)

    MiniHUgs, Irina

  2. This party is too much fun! Thank you!


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