October 21, 2011

Day 2: Halloween in Miniature 2011 : Meet Some of the Guests

It's Day 2 of the 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature party for 2011, and wow, what an event! (* Before you enter, get your ID checked at the door on Day 1.)

We've got some great guests this year - celebrities even!

Why, can it be? Yes, it's the Bride of Frankenstein!

Frank's lady (by doll maker Doll by Julie Campbell of BellaBelle Dolls) is a little cranky, it seems, as Mr. F. has been making eyes at one of the witchy Gagnon sisters! (Witches by Gina Gagnon of Lone Wolf Mini Creations. )

(And in case you didn't know, figures are 1" scale - one-inch equaling 1 foot, so female dolls are under 6-foot, 6-inches-tall, usually about 5 1/2" tall.)

Of course, I'm sure you know which witch caught Frankie's eye without my saying! Ah, but that Mildred, she's a flirt. She's positive Frankie is keen on her. Look at her checking out Frankie when Mrs. F's not looking. Sly witch!

The guests are getting a little nervous, it seems, hoping all this will pass over as you know what havoc happens when Frank loses his temper! And I hear the Mrs. has quite a temper, too. We certainly don't want them ruining the fun!

In fact, Mrs. Stevenson's so nervous, she's lost her head over it! (Groan, couldn't resist! Headless ghost also by BellaBelle Dolls.)

Maybe everyone will feel better when they have a bite to eat. There are some tasty tidbits, sure to please anyone with a "monster" appetite. haaa!

First up are some to-die-for treats from IGMA Fellow Kiva Atkinson. Her food is always a big hit with the guests, and no wonder, considering how yummy everything looks!

Oh, dear, one of the guests asked about fresh pumpkin pie, but it seems there's a problem in the pantry. Well, we'll have to use the frozen pies. Shhh, Mummy's the word!

Besides the sweets, I'd suggest some fresh fruit to start. How about a juicy papaya?

Then there is a wonderful fresh fish plate, though many of the guests prefer the special Eyeball Stew. (Try the blue ones; extra crunchy. haa!)

Still hungry? We'll have some desserts after we tour a few more of the rooms, so see you tomorrow!

Dolls -
* Visit Lone Wolf Mini Creations on Facebook.

* See BellaBelle Dolls on Facebook - Download a PDF story I did on Julie on my miniatures page.

* Foods - Kiva's Miniatures

* Kiva's Miniatures

* BellaBelle Dolls

** NEXT: Day 3: Visit some of the party rooms - BACK: Day 1


  1. Love the witches and as always, Kiva's food is wonderful.


  2. What fun Chris! I am looking forward to each day!


  3. kay, I must admit I chuckled at the lady who lost her head...Imaginative art here. 5 inch tall dolls? WOW!

  4. The dolls are fabulous - hard to pick a favorite. Eyeball stew - more please! LOL

  5. Oh my... I think I skip the eyesoup this time (^^)

    I love those witches and the headless lady is awesome!

    Hope Frankie stay as "a good boy" =0}

    MiniHugs, Irina


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