May 02, 2011

New Reviews, In Miniature Style II

A couple of great new reviews for In Miniature Style II!

From Camille Minichino (author, The Miniature Mysteries series):

"In Mini Style II is an outstanding source of ideas and instructions for the miniaturist. All levels are accommodated, from the intrigued beginner to the expert craftsperson, from using found objects to crocheting the most detailed afghan. I especially liked the ideas around finding a "structure" in which to "plant" a miniature scene, like a soda fountain inside an empty ice cream container. The text is fun and inspiring to read and all the instructions are very clear."

And from a reader:

"Love the new book, it is so easy to understand even the "MINI Dummies" like me can understand all the amazing project ideas - Jam packed with so many easy to do projects, something for every miniaturist - Cant wait for book number 3...."
--Lianda, Kelirosh Studio, South Africa

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  1. interesting idea about the mini's...I always thought it would be fun to build a doll house. Of course, I have no little girl but thought it would be fun nonetheless.
    I see you did the Challenge, as did I and whow, kind of feel a voide since it is over, you know? I still feel it's important to visit other blogs which I guess is why I am here...
    cool site you've got!


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