April 16, 2011

K to N, Lizzie Borden and Macabre Nursery Rhyme, A to Z Blog Challenge

Posting a combination as I was sicK aLL Week with the flu so I got behind.

As for M and N... remember that macabre nursery rhyme: Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks...

I'd been reading about the infamous accused murderess before it was featured on TV this morning. A story that continues to fascinate with plenty of info if you scout around.

Well, if you're really curious, you can book a night or two at the Lizzie Borden B&B in Massachusetts - yes, the home where Lizzie supposedly did in old mean dad and her evil stepmom with an axe back in 1892.

The house has been converted back to its original look, inside and out. Some furnishings, of course, are reproductions but... is that the original carpet where stepmom met her demise? Sure matches the photo...

Wow, if you owned such a house, wouldn't you play up the famous history?

So, the question remains: though Lizzie was pronounced not guilty at the trial, what say ye? (Given she inherited everything, sounds like a case of greed? I say guilty.)

Some interesting sites:

* Lizzie Borden trial records * Lizzie Borden site * Lizzie Borden Virtual Museum - Victorian era topic magazine, The Hatchet *


  1. Not guilty! Like Richard Castle, I say the obvious answer is too easy to make good fiction, even though it's usually the correct answer in real life. I like the theory I heard once that it was actually her sister, and Lizzie stood trial in her place in exchange for inheriting everything, sure she would be acquitted.

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  2. There's been a lot of movies made about her!

  3. I think she was covering for her sister, too. All I know is, if I were forced to lamb stew on the fifth day with floating mold islands, murder would be in my thoughts!

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  4. Hi there! Stopping by from the A-Z challenge and found this post.
    I grew up in the town Lizze Borden was from,Fall River, Ma. My home was not far from hers.
    In elementary school, I remember taking a field trip...yes a field trip to the house.
    I can still remember seeing the axe and sculls in a glass case and the pitcher she used to wash up with.
    Very creepy.


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