April 27, 2010

Spelling Question; Plurals and Possessives & Solution

Well I'm familiar with plurals and possessives but... someone got me thinking.

How To's - as in lots of How To's.

Or How Tos. Which looks, well, odd.

Your opinion?

** Funny as the To's mostly have it even if Tos if the right way to spell it. But I solved the problem - took out the plural altogether. An easier solution. haa! Thanks to all for their two cents and help!


  1. Avoid the question entirely and go with "a lot of how to instructions".

  2. Yes but not room to do that... I'm thinking I'm wrong and have to correct it... sigh.

  3. Chris "how tos" may be the correct way BUT "How To's" definitely is the way most of us use it...would go with the way that looks good!

  4. yes shelly, that's what i thought too... all it takes is one question to make you doubt. ha!

  5. You know, I'd never questioned this used of the apostrophe before. I agree with the rest to just go with "How To's."

  6. katie, everyone - yes that is what I thought too... christina, me too - never really questioned it until someone else mentioned it. And the gates of doubt opened wide. ha! funny how sometimes things do or don't "look" right?

  7. "How-Tos" would be correct, but I know what you mean about it looking funny. That's why I go with "Projects" or "Tutorials."

    - Grace


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