April 17, 2010

Lucky Lucky Me! Swap with Kat the Hat Lady

Oh lucky duck I am! Rarely do I win (and boy never the lottery! Maybe I better double-check that ticket tomorrow... .. haaa!) I am swapping with Kat the Hat Lady who makes incredible witch hats. And look at this cool hat I'm swapping for!

So... I told Kat about my tote bags, perfect for a witch, wizard, etc. to tote their books and things around. (Or prettier they'll suit a lovely lady, too.)

Here are a couple totes in a black shiny "croc" fabric (love the print!) with a record book, witch magazine and witchcraft book. (Oh, and she has a secret liking for the women's mags... shh! they're hidden! ha!)

So Kat,, which color lining do you like? The purple spotted lining, leopard print, or the lime green lizard? Your choice.... And do you want an attached strap across it or not? Fun, fun! Thanks for shopping at Chris' Mini Witchy Boutique! haa!

** And more on the tote bags later....

1 comment:

  1. Neat, neat, neat! So realistic yet so tiny! Congrats!!!!!


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