April 12, 2010

Congrats to Fellow Writer Making Amazon Writing Contest Quarterfinals

I wanted to send congrats to friend and fellow writer Courtney Mroch, whose manuscript THE GHOST OF LAURIE FLOYD made it to the quarterfinals of judging in the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. (Courtney also runs the interesting Haunt Jaunts blog.)

Her mystery was one of 5,000 entries chosen in the general fiction category (another 5,000 entries are in the Young Adult category.) Her book then advanced to the second round of 1,000 entries, with 500 entries in each of the two categories.

Her entry is now in the quarterfinals with 500 entries, 250 in each category. (wow!) The top 100 semifinalists will be chosen April 27 - and then go to Penguin editors who choose the last six entries.

So... this is where you come in. Readers and feedback are needed.

** Read the excerpt HERE - and give a review online at the site. Be honest, as the editors are looking for honest reviews, not just glowing reports.

NOTE: Since this is an Amazon contest, the excerpt is in KINDLE format. You can download the free Kindle for PC program if you don't have one. It's easy to do and free.

See a preview below and wish her luck! (And don't forget to put in your review at the link above.)


When Megan Daniels begins her first day at the law firm of Mayhugh and Horne, she sees a body fall past the window. But when the police come to investigate, they don’t find anything. So begins Megan’s association with the ghost of Laurie Floyd, a secretary who committed suicide off the building’s roof the year before. Or did she?

As Laurie leaves Megan more and more clues, it becomes evident she didn’t take her own life. Someone killed her. But who? And why?

Megan believes Andrew Kirkpatrick and Matthew Horne, both attorneys, may know. She’s drawn to Andrew and repulsed by Matthew, but can she trust her instincts?

She joined the firm to work, not to solve a murder or fall in love. Both seem to be happening anyway. If she’s not careful, her job and her heart won’t be the only things she stands to lose.


  1. Congrats to your friend Courtney! I wish her much luck as the contest proceeds.

  2. OMG! I'm behind on my RSS feeds so I just now saw this as I'm going through and catching up on all my reading. THANK YOU SO MUCH, CHRIS, FOR POSTING A BLOG LIKE THIS! You are a dear friend and cherished pod sis anyway. This demonstrates why I hold you in such high regard!!!!!!!


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