December 30, 2009

Publishing in a Haunted House: Pill Hill Press follow-up

An interesting follow-up to yesterday's First Graphs featuring an excerpt from my recent story "My Dear Mrs. Jones" published in the new anthology, THE BITTER END: TALES OF NAUTICAL TERROR from Pill Hill Press.

I'd seen a mention on the website about the publisher being located in a haunted house. Definitely makes you wonder...

Well, "ghostwriter" and friend Courtney Mroch got the scoop today about Pill Hill House at her Haunt Jaunts blog.

Check out the flowery 1920s obituary. And no wonder this house is reportedly haunted. What a background!

Congrats, Courtney on an interesting post!


  1. Congratulations on the My Dear Mrs. Jones excerpt in the anthology. Very exciting!

    Straight From Hel

  2. Hey, congrats back at YOU for your story in their antho!!!! (And thanks again for the tip about their ghost. Made for a fun post! ;)


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