December 19, 2009

Christmas Memories & In Miniature - Pink Saturday

Today Beverly at How Sweet the Sound asked everyone to share some of their Christmas traditions for Pink Saturday.

The favorite Christmas tradition, of course, was waiting for the arrival of Santa and opening the gifts! Here's a pic of me with my little pile of loot! I love the silver tree (which is popular again!)

I admit, I don't remember much. We were a Christmas Eve family, celebrating then and relaxing on Christmas Day. I still enjoy spending Christmas morning in church, hearing the Christmas story, singing carols, and going home to open gifts, watch a movie and enjoy the day.

These days, I enjoy decorating many trees - in miniature, of course. I wanted to show a few I've done.

This Christmas scene is in half-inch scale set in a small glass terrarium.

One thing about miniature - you can have lots of gifts! ha! This is a scene on a shelf in a vintage medicine cabinet on my kitchen wall.

For a change of pace, I decorated this tree for my smaller scale Halloween house. I painted it black, wrapped it in iridescent ribbon and put small clay eyeballs on the branches.

** Don't forget to check out my fun Christmas story, "Christmas at the North Pole Compound." See ebooks. Click on cover link in side column.


  1. I love all you minis, they look like they are life size. Your tree and all the trimmings are so cute, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  2. You must have a lot of patience to work with such tiny pieces. The result is beautiful

    Morgan Mandel


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