December 10, 2008

12 Days of Christmas in Miniature, Day 10, French Country Christmas

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, someone gave to me....

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A White Christmas

(Pictured: White Christmas tree from Remodeling Myspace gallery Check out the peacock feather tree!)

My friend Kitty's Brocante House inspired today's post.

Kitty decided to decorate her Brocante House for the holidays, adding this charming Christmas meal in the kitchen. Makes you want to pull up a chair, doesn't it?

Next, she wants to decorate a gold and white tree for the house, which I'll add when she gets done.

The French Country-Shabby Chic look is something I want to try on a half-scale house I have. It's a Colonial style house, which has a country feel to it and would be perfect, I think. It has a beautiful paneled living room with fireplace. I painted the walls a yellowish-white and may repaint them again to the more pale white.

Looking around, I found a few other photos for inspiration.

This French country room decorated for Christmas looks real, doesn't it?

Here is the perfect pretty white Christmas tree at Margie's Petite Palette .

Or how about some French signs and furnishings? Perfect for your house? These signs would give any home that European touch.

You can tour the real thing for ideas, also. Take a look around this $14.6 million estate in Seattle, Washington.

** Tomorrow and Friday I'll have a special Christmas tour and a fun Christmas treat by a guest author. So be sure to come back!


  1. I didn't see a spot to comment about Rob's story. Great hook. Now I need to find out who's the thief.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. thanks, morgan, the commment link is on the bottom, just like this one once you click the headline.


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