August 14, 2023

Halloween is Coming! Witch Cottage Exterior

I just had to say:  I saw it's 83 Days to Halloween!

I should have some spooky stuff soon (say that fast!) For now, well, it's been super hot and it finally, finally got more reasonable. But a bit humid yet so will have the the AC and doing??? (*See new garden plantslast interior update; more posts in left column archives. Click photos for full size.)

Well, a few things. Bit by bit I'm getting some of the endless (it seems) trimming and exterior stuff done. I started shingling which is another yuck project. This time I wanted to make it a bit easier by using strips and I wanted to try something different. 

Someone else had used a Cricut to cut cardboard and I thought that's a good, economical idea. I got this shingles SVG/DFX download file from Spellbound Miniatures on Etsy to see how that would work.

 FB friend Heather offered to cut them from cardstock on her Brother Scan & Cut machine. I know nothing about any of this stuff, but it worked! The size was reduced to make 1/4" wide shingles. Here's the square shingle strips. I'll alternate with some rounded shingles too once I get to the larger roof sides. I'll maybe use some of the wrought iron style as an accent at the top.

I admit I still wasn't sure how it would look but now that I've started, I like how it looks. Yes, about done on the smaller roof. Have to finish the small left side section yet by the tower

For now the shingles are brown. I'll add green stippling and some moss. That doesn't mean I like shingling, though. This is gonna be a while as I'm doing it in spurts. ha! But I am sooo glad not to be doing individual shingles again! Did that on two larger houses, so am kind of burnt out. Luckily, if I do the Park Ave. Mansion next, no shingles! It has a flat roof. Yippee! And whenever I decide to work on the Raggedy Ann house, I have black asphalt shingle strips set aside for that.

A couple other things I got done: 

Adding to the last garden post: Got the other flower bed done with some purple and yellow Black-eyed Susan-like daisies. 

Other outside stuff:

Got the trim on around the top window edges. I also added some brick paper to the bottom bare sections between the lattice designs. Those empty spots bugged me but I'm not sure yet if it looks okay or not. I may see if those sections look better with some trim on the sides for dimension. (Ugh, more trim!) But it does look good on the corners and the back. I like how it matches the brick walls on the first floor. I really like the colors and tones in this brick pattern. (From Starboc2 on Etsy.)

Another view of the front. I just love these tombstone chairs! (Older Lemax set when they used to do cooler stuff. I have two more on my other Haunted House porch.)

First floor:

Decided to add a couple spiderweb accents on the larger windows and put up a special portrait:  The Picture of Dorian Gray. (ebook free from Project Gutenberg.)

I decided to split this into two posts, so I'll share some furnishings on the next one.

So, that's it for the moment! Let me know if you try out the shingles. Reminder: I'm also happy to share your projects here; it doesn't have to be just me all the time, ha! So contact me with your info and photos! 

NOTE: I will be looking for Halloween projects to share here on the blog! I'm also thinking of trying something different for this year's Halloween in Miniature like a  themed list for Instagram so friend me on there, too, so you can play along - (cwrite12) The more the merrier, or rather, spookier!! Stay tuned for details! Just click my photo in the top right column for my website and go to the contact page there to message me and to send pix.

Thanks again for visiting! Come back soon for more minis!