July 06, 2022

New #Miniatures Find: Mystery Medieval-Tudor Box


I just had to share!

While I am doing mostly half-scale dollhouses these days, once I saw this box, I knew I had to take it home. It's so different! I just fell in love with it; very excited!!! (Click images for full size.) No matter what, I'll find a place to display it. The box has a lacquer-painted surface. The size is 15" h, 14" w, 7" d.

What do you think it is???

I just thought it was so cool and unique. I immediately pictured setting it up as the Tudor/Medieval scene I'd set aside for ages. I have a queen doll and I think a couple others (or I'll dress them). I'd also made a clay meal, complete with boar's head, a loooong time ago, and I'd gotten some other food items from a previous swap some years back.

The images look to be a mixture of medieval, maybe Crusades-Middle East, maybe colonial even? haa! So it really doesn't matter what I mix, it seems. 😀

Right side:

Left side: Middle East? Crusades? Who knows?


Colonial? (How this fits with the others I don't know! haa!)

Did you guess what it is yet????

I should leave you hanging but....

Ta-dah! It's a cd case holder. Just have to figure how to get the inside wall out. The sides can be covered. I think I'll make egg carton stone, like a castle interior. 

This will be fun! Stay tuned, it may be a while until I get to it. (Project #999. haaaa!)