July 16, 2022

H Lobby #miniatures sale & Good News/Bad News!


Can't resist a sale! I'm mostly doing half scale these days so thought this little kit could come in handy if the size is close enough. The kit was $7.99; electric tape $16 down to $3.99; LED lite was $3.24. Just a few things I bought. Yeah, I got a few more electric things, the splices and lead wires, and a second light. Won't see that price again! 🙂

Good news is I got a few more things done on The Fairfield: Not much picture-wise but the 2nd floor fireplace is papered now. Cutting pieces to make the wood mantles next. I think this floor will be more wood as also have wood flooring cut. I might do some faux wainscoting and some fake ceiling beams since the left room here has a dragon print orange paper. Thought the wood could be a nice contrast and give it a warmer look.

Also got the 1st and 2nd floor porch wood cut; light is in on front porch; 2 floor lights in for the pumpkins, too! (What's a porch without lit pumpkins?) Added another light in kitchen. In-order process: had to get a couple pieces of siding cut and painted, then measure and glue on one piece to get the exterior light on...

Oh, and speaking of that! UGH! Must've taken the lights off an old house and didn't realize the one was a bare wire. Well.... a piece of wire stuck out and shorted.... had to take it apart and have the dollhouse electrician install the second light - after I coated the wire with nail polish to be safe!

BAD news -- shorted out 2 transformers!!! My BIG Mistake!!! Worse was my very large big transformer I've had for years! UGH!!! Those are very expensive now!!!! Should've left it on the big house. Should've, should've. Live and learn....

Well, hopefully will have better news next time! See you then!