February 24, 2022

Mini Miniature Dollhouse Toys


(Note: See the updated Not so Haunted Toy Store I put these in...) 

I've seen people sharing these but wasn't sure on the size. (And I didn't want to start another collection. ha!) Well.... saw a display at the bookstore and once I saw the teensy play phone (remember those?) that decided me! Supposedly Target also carries these though I haven't checked. The ones I found were $7.99 a package. You get five toys. Supposedly there also are sets of Disney toys in the other brand that comes in the ball container. 

Isn't that the cutest thing ever??? And the Monkeys in a Barrel (barrel doesn't open) with teensy monkeys!!!

The other ones are pretty neat too to put on a toy shelf.  They also show one of those push popcorn poppers on the chart. That looks pretty cool, too, but probably hard to find.

The My Little Pony in the box is just over an 1" wide. The Lincoln Logs are also just over 1" high. (Non-opening) I also got the Matchbox round tire car container (doesn't open) and a couple other toys. These are fun!!

 So I guess it looks like I'm gonna take that front opening shop I have that isn't very deep and rework it. I was going to make a haunted bookstore, but I've got other bookshelves and kits to do that. I just have to change the prints and colors, and see how to get a clasp/lock on it.