January 06, 2020

Happy New Year! #Miniature #Paris Project Preview!

Happy New Year!

I hope your holidays were splendid. Getting back on track here, so today is a big treat!

If you've been following my friend Gigi's Miniature Paris Project, her entry and version of the Serendepity Shed for the Hobby Builder's Supply contest, then you'll be happy to know it's completed and entered. (See the last blog entry. You can still click the Paris photo in this blog's left column to see all the posts from day one. Click photos below to see full size.)

The result? Magnifique!! She did a stupendous job and here's a glimpse of the finished building. She will be sharing more photos and the story about it soon as well.

As you may recall, the main shop is called, The Key to HappinessLa ClĂ© du Bonheur, based on a real locksmith shop in Paris run by fictional Locksmith Artisan (distinguished tradesman) Louis Gustave.

The building is three stories, with a souvenir and key making shop on the first floor. A sitting room is on the second floor, with the guest bedroom on the third floor. Let me say, I'd love to stay here! All the details are so fantastic and sooo romantic!

Side and garden courtyard.

There have been quite a few modifications to construct the whole project, but I'll leave the explanations for an upcoming post.

Street view.

Let me say for now, Gigi was thrilled to get her project done and entered, though I know she thoroughly enjoyed all the building, decorating, and planning.  She did quite a few original elements to this project, so I am hoping she wins something in the contest! She did an amazing job!

Guest bedroom, third floor

Thanks for following along and taking a peek. Be sure to come back for more photos and details.

Also, Chris will be updating to share some of her latest work and she realized, she hasn't done a year in review yet! It's always fun to look back and see that yes, you actually got a few miniature projects done! See you soon!