October 26, 2019

#Halloween in #Miniature 2019 - Welcome!

Welcome at last to this year's HALLOWEEN IN MINIATURE!  
It's the 10th Anniversary!!

Wow, I was updating the Halloween in Miniature Page (see top tab) and I just realized - I started this back in 2009! This is the 10th Anniversary of Halloween in Miniature!! Thank you to the miniaturists who've allowed me to share their work since the beginning and to the new artisans I've met along the way! 

There'll be posts all week so be sure to check back for all kinds of spoooky fun and surprises! As a bonus, don't forget to check out Mrs. Skellie's reading list! (Click on images for full size.)

By Christine Verstraete

As you can see, the neighborhood is already all decorated for Halloween. Everyone is also really excited for the big Halloween night party, aren't you? Why, even the dogs have their costumes on!  (Projects, Chris Verstraete)

We'll come back and visit the houses on this street later... First, let's go around the corner...

Step lively now... oh, don't worry about the things hiding in the shadows or the funny noises... they won't hurt you... heh-heh....  (CLICK LEFT ARROW BELOW FOR SOUND. soundbible.com - Sorry they may not work. This was something new I tried.) 

Ever been to an asylum... of your own free will, I mean? 

Well, miniaturist Debra Hinton from the UK has such a place based on the historic asylums of old. She also indulges her love of the macabre via her Darkside Morbid Miniatures. Warning - not for the fainthearted!)

Dark and dismal it may be... no, ignore the screams, it's fine, really.... but the folks who live and work here are actually a jolly sort and have a real sense of community. They're looking forward to visitors.  

Please, we request you stay with the group and do not go off on your own. The building is quite big and you may not find your way back...

CLICK LEFT ARROW BELOW FOR SOUND. Hoping it still works. Sorry, this wasn't easy to figure.) (sarasprella, soundbible.com) 

Sorry, the door hinges need a bit of oil...

"Hi, I mean, Welcome. Won't you come in for a drink? Gram calls me Matilda but I like Tillie better. My grandma Mrs. Skellie said I should greet you and be proper.

"Would you like some coffee? Cream or black? Did I say that all right?" (Photo: Little Witch, Chris V.)

(Photo: Coffee by Patricia Paul. You'll be seeing a lot of her cool, spooky miniatures on our journey. See more at her website or visit her gallery.)


"Matilda! Didn't I say we do NOT shout in front of the guests?"

"Oh dear, Please, excuse my granddaughter. I'm Mrs. Skellie. Matilda, now please, tell cook to get the refreshments ready. We're so glad you've arrived. We've been waiting for you."

Matilda looks back and waves as she runs off. "Bye. It was good to meet you!"

Mrs. Skellie set her book down and gave a low chuckle. "Now, please follow me. I'll take you to the parlor. I'm sure there won't be any more yelling. You know how kids can be!

"Oh, what am I reading you ask? Well, if you must know, I love books... I've enjoyed them for, why... centuries! haaaa!
I'll be sure to let you know some of my old and new favorites for this spooky season.

 "Come along, come along. Please, no touching. Do not handle the knick-knacks and potions collection. Some of these items are truly irreplaceable and... well, I can't be responsible for what happens if you do! I told the housekeeper to straighten up the collection a little but.... " She sighs. "It's so hard to find good help these days. You'll see we have quite a few priceless items here. No dawdling. Hurry along now." (Photos: Skellie, Chris V. Potions, Debra Hinton)

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Mrs. Skellie's Reading List: 

 Edgar Allan Poe: 10 Creepiest Stories, Illustrated (The Raven, The Black Cat, Pit and the Pendulum, etc.) 

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