May 02, 2013

Story a Day 2, Disconnect, a zombie story

Today is Day 2 of A Story A Day for May.

(I've deleted many of the stories so I can use them elsewhere... but here is one to read:)


As his memory faded, Josh bemoaned the loss of his life, the loss of friends, family, and oddly enough, the loss of his phone and being connected.

Minute by minute the essence of who he was grew weaker as the zombie poisons made their way into his bloodstream and attacked every living cell.

In those last few moments before the world, and life as he knew it, disappeared behind the milky white film forming over his eyes, he took one last longing look around him.

As darkness fell, he gave a final, sad cry. The phone dropped from his hand, pulling with it one of his rotting fingers, both shattering like broken dreams on the blood-spattered sidewalk.

* 117 words, inspired by a post at Story A Day,
(c) 2013 C. Verstraete

*** Why the weird stories, why zombies, you ask? Well, it begins with my book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie, coming in August...