May 20, 2013

Miniatures Monday, New Ladies Shop in Progress - Preview

Wanted to share a quick preview pic of the miniature Ladies' Shoppe I'm setting up. This is the smaller roombox. I have a larger one which will hold more items as well.

The two large cabinets in back are - ta-da! - thimble cabinets!! Been saving them and thought they'd look perfect painted white and filled with shoes and shoe boxes. I have another one to use for potion bottles in a wizard room I have to finish. 

Just was setting up this room to see what fits. The space on the right wall will have mirrors and a hanging rack with dresses.

It'll be neat to see the before and after photos once everything is painted and decorated. I got this box decorated from the flea market for -- $5. All it needed was a top molding and I have to put electric in yet.  (click for larger pic)