November 13, 2012

Wee C Dollhouse Miniature Displays - 2

Here's another set of photos showing the fantastic displays at the Wee C Dollhouse Show in Elk Grove Village, IL.  (** You can click pix to see them larger. ** )

                                             (Go back to Day 1 - Next: Day 3)

Container rooms: 
This room won 2nd place in the display contest. Club members had to make a room in a different kind of container. Love this idea! She found one of those storage boxes that had a scene on front and turned it into the perfect little shop!

 Half scale set in smaller plastic paint can (I just saw these in Target in the dollar section; they are pretty small)

Cauldron room:

Pirates of the Caribbean scene: This was amazing and huge. About 3-feet long but it was hard to photograph so didn't get an outside pic. Best I could do as the insides were dark. All carved stone outside and tons of pirates etc. inside. First place winner. 

Pix: Christine Verstraete - (I'll be glad to post your name and web link if I've included pix of your  project)
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