June 07, 2012

The Corner Cafe: A Tasty Collection of Short Stories for Kindle. Today's featured authors Red Tash & Bodie Parkhurst

Since I had something else already scheduled yesterday, I'm doubling up on authors so you don't miss any. Be sure to check the stops to see what tidbits are there and some insight by the author and/or their guests.

The blog tour for The Corner Cafe: A Tasty Collection of Short Stories (by BBT Cafe Authors) continues today with a stop at Bodie Parkhurst's blog to talk with Mary Montague Sikes about her story.

What's The Corner Cafe You Ask?

Assorted stories featured at or around The Corner Cafe by 15 authors including Marian Allen, Shonell Bacon, Karen Casey Fitzjerrell, W.S. Gager, Helen Ginger, Dani Greer, S.B. Lerner, Audrey Lintner, Morgan Mandel, Maryann Miller, Bodie Parkhurst, Bob Sanchez, Mary Montague Sikes, Red Tash, and Christine Verstraete.

** In my story "Perfect Timing" by Christine Verstraete, a rescued pup helps cafe owner Gina Mason find love and thwart a would-be robber.

** "* Love Song with Holsteins" by Bodie Parkhurst is about Halloween, magic, Russell the dairy bull, love, and the private memorials we make to it.

* "In A Face in the Window" by Mary Montague Sikes, can Arianna ever forget the tragic loss that changed her life, especially on the 10th anniversary spent in a museum where memories lurk in the art and later among the shadows of the Corner Cafe?

Yesterday's featured story:

** In "Living Well," Red Tash gently pokes fun at the Star Trek fan culture and the ups and downs of long-term love, in the fan-favored setting of This Brilliant Darkness' Corner Cafe.

*** See my previous posts (story descriptions & featured authors): 1 Corner Cafe kick-off - 2 Bob Sanchez

The Corner Cafe Blog Tour

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June 5 Bob Sanchez
June 6 Red Tash
June 7 Bodie Parkhurst, Magic Dog Press
June 8 Heidi Thomas

June 11 Marian Allen
June 12 W.S. Gager
June 13 Here at Candid Canine - Chris Verstraete
June 14 Helen Ginger
June 15 Kathy Wheeler hosts Christine Verstraete

June 18 Morgan Mandel's Double M
June 19 Pat Bean
June 20 Shonell Bacon
June 21 Alberta Ross
June 22 Karen Casey Fitzjerrell

June 25 Pat Stoltey
June 26 S.B. Lerner
June 27 Maryann Miller
June 28 Mary Montague Sikes
June 29 Stephen Tremp