September 17, 2010

Searching for a Starry Night Fun Facts and New Links

A few fun facts about Searching for a Starry Night. Parents and Teachers: check out the themes.

About the book:
Sam, her BFF Lita, and a mischievous Dachshund named Petey, face a cranky housekeeper, a dog-hating gardener and an ancient family curse as they search for a missing miniature replica of Van Gogh's famous painting, "Starry Night."

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Samantha Carlton: A 13-year-old "tomboy" who loves to fish and solve mysteries

Lita Jackson: Sam's best friend who has an aversion to ghosts and scary movies. They've been friends since childhood.

Petey the Dachshund: Petey has the energy of 10 dogs. He's a digger and always seems to be in trouble!

Memorable Quotes:
Lita: “Butter cookies. Any cookies, really. That always does it for me.”

Sam: “He (Petey) looked like a hot dog without the bun.”

Petey the Dachshund: “Woof!”


Sam and Lita think they're going for a vacation in Lake Geneva, but instead help Sam's mom, Grace, search for that missing miniature painting apparently left behind in her late Great Aunt Hilda's old Victorian home just outside Lake Geneva, Wisc.

First Sentence:

Samantha Ann Carlton tilted her head back and tried to see all the way to the top of the old three-story Victorian. Funny, it looked much bigger than she remembered—and creepier.

In their search for the missing dollhouse-sized "Starry Night" painting, Sam and Lita realize the cranky housekeeper, Mrs. Drake, is a dollhouse collector. And when they see her houses, they get a glimpse of real life - only smaller. Some of the described pieces and houses are based on the author's own collection, some of which can be seen in her miniatures gallery. The author hopes to interest kids in a hobby and collecting for fun and as a creative outlet.

Miniature Art: Miniature art is a specialized category usually 6-inches in size and smaller. These are real paintings done by noted artists. Some artists paint in oil and acrylic for the dollhouse collectors' market.

Dogs and Kids: Animal Adoption: The Dachshund, Petey, plays an important role in the book, and also demonstrates the relationship between kids and a pet. It also brings attention to animal shelters, as Petey was adopted from a shelter