March 08, 2010

Miniatures Monday: Egg Carton Pots Tutorial

Sometimes the most obvious things aren't so obvious, it seems.

A friend I'll call the "Frugal Miniaturist" shared her great ideas for making cheap planters.


* Papier mache egg carton; shapes on bottom may vary.
* Xacto knife and/or razor blade.
* Sharp scissors

Besides making great faux stones, realistic looking bricks, or a detailed brick walkway, papier mache egg cartons also will provide a variety of cheap pots and planters.

1. Using a sharp Xacto knife or new razor blade, carefully cut around cup shapes on bottom of egg carton. Different cartons may provide different shapes.

2. Cut around large cup shapes (see top image) at base where it is attached to carton. Even out top edges by cutting with scissors. Press cup down firmly to make bottom level. The resulting large round pot (not pictured) is perfect for floor plants or large plantings.

3. Make square pots: Cut out the square indented shapes between the round cups to form smaller square pots.

Carefully cut "pots" out at top, close to carton bottom, with sharp blade or knife. Trim down the pot edges to make a shorter plant dish or flatter pot. Note: Blades dull quickly.

Once shape is cut out, even out top edges with scissors. Press pot down firmly to level base. Decorate pot with paint and trims like lace, rhinestones, faux stones, etc. for different looks.

My pictured "monster" plant uses one of the square pots.

Have fun! I'd love to see what you come up with.

(c) 2010 C. Verstraete Candid Canine blog


  1. Thanks for that idea Chris. I never thought of them that way.

  2. At least I'm not the only one who went oh! look at that! ha!

  3. So cute! The finished product reminds me of "Little Shop of Horrors" and those killer plants from Super Mario Bros.

  4. Such neat and thrifty little planters! Thank you for the tips!



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