May 06, 2009

Working for a Living

Katie at Katie's Clay Corner challenged readers to blog about the various jobs they've held. She mentioned three. Well I surely can beat that. ha!

Since I wasn't born with a silver spoon, I began working at a young age for extra money. I babysat for years when I was younger. I was around 15 when I got my first "real" job. Since I grew up in Chicago, it was easy to take the bus or walk almost anywhere to go to work. This job required only a five-minute walk down the alley where I worked for a small caterer. I don't remember much about the job other than having to decorate pretty little sandwiches.

Other high-school jobs included working at a dry cleaners (creepy boss, creepy phone calls); Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips (loved the fish, but, ugh, your hair and clothes smelled from all the frying!); and Dairy Queen (can't beat ice cream!). Oh, there was the factory job too where you all you did was load plastic forms in the machine, pull down he handle and vacuum seal bicycle repair parts in plastic. Bo-ring! I also typed letters for an insurance agent, played gopher and typist to some self-indulgent pr execs, and did other office work.

Later I began waitressing, went to college, waitressed again, did some other freelance jobs, and then got into newspaper work. Then it was back to waitressing and freelancing (hmm, there's a pattern here. ha!) Next was fiction writing and authoring, plus other freelance work.

That's not every job, of course, but most of them. Needless to say, I have a lot of eclectic skills from office work to web building and various writing including pr, fiction and nonfiction. Btw, I'm always open to freelance work, so feel free to contact me!

** Your turn: Share some of the jobs you've had. What were some of the worst and best?


Katie said...

Thanks for taking the challenge! It's neat to see where people come from, huh?!

Anonymous said...

Let's see... I worked as a temp during the summers through high school and college. It had a lot of highs and lows. I got to work in many neat federal offices in the DC metro area, but like any job, some of the people were just jerks. I had things happen that bordered on sexual harrassment, met people who were openly racist, and felt the brunt of petty office power struggles. This job prepped me for a resounding truth about the grown-up world: frustrated people often take out their frustrations on you for no justifiable reason. I did get to work at Mount Vernon once, though, and brought home fresh vegetables from George Washington's garden. That was cool.

Also in college, I worked as a Teacher's Aide, mailroom clerk, Accounts Payable clerk, and computer lab monitor. After college, I taught art classes. Teaching was probably my favorite job. I got tons of freedom to teach kids (and adults sometimes) the way I wanted to in a small classroom. The only problems were with parents who abused their children and surly school security guards.

This whole topic is bringing back memories I'd rather not remember! Thank goodness I work for myself now.

Katie said...

Hey come check out my pics.....Your food is featured!!! And it's sooooo cute!!! :)